This is a personal website.

In 2020 I formally retireed from the University of Liverpool (although I maintain research activity until about the end of 2023).

I use this site to keep my research publications alive. You can find my papers. You can also look up all of the datasets that CPR has made freely available in public depositories.

These pages will also become our personal web space, as the shift from academic to non-academic life progresses.

This text puts me firmly in my place!. But, my curriculum vitae is [HERE] for those who are so inclined.

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Great news!

Many years ago I wrote a Javascript page for the preparation of thermodynamically correct buffers for pH control. This continues to be very popular (over one and a quarter million uses). It is now hosted

Since retirement, I have been meeting the costs of domain registration, web hosting and web site maintenance from my own resources. But, there have been two generous contributions that will ensure the longevity of the site.

Professor Uenal Coskun made a personal donation to ensure that the site continued to run in 2023.

Then, the
Analytical Chemistry Trust Fund of the Royal Society of Chemistry made a grant to me to ensure the longevity of the site until at least 2030!

I am hugely grateful to Uenal and to ACTF for their generous support in keeping the site going. I also plan to add some new developments, once I sharpen my Javascript skills!
And lastly, my newest venture. Scientific games! I have added pages relating to the Amino Acid card game "Zwitter". I'm giving away card sets for free at the moment. See [
here] for details. I took a chance on a print run of 500 sets, and I'm pleased to say that there are only about 50 sets left.

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Made a decision in 2021 to harvest the sun! Sufficient to say we're very pleased. There are two more batteries now, giving a total of 12 kWh storage. Details [HERE].

Recent updates. Jul '23: Made a start on a general reorganisation of this web site. Added new pages relevant to the Amino Acid Card Game. Fixed typos. Probably created new ones. Made small changes to phbuffer web pages, but no changes to design algorithms.Added my gratitude to the sponsors who keep the site going.

Recent photographs
I like to take wildlife photographs with a little narrative [here]. The best place to see bird photographs is

More science
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Measuring turnover
One of my long term interests has been in protein turnover - the process whereby proteins are synthesised and degraded inside the cell, sometimes at remarkably high rates. Measuring turnover rates on a proteome scale in intact animals is challenging, but e compared two commonly used labels, using an amino acid or using heavy water. Although the raw data are not comparable, modelling of the behaviour of the two precursors brings the measured rates into very close alignment. Paper [here].
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Automation of QconCAT design. A new paper with our colleagues led by Simon Hubbard in Manchester showing that is possible to aid in the selection and assembly of peptides for QconCAT design or ALACAT assemblies. Another 2023 paper [here].
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REIMS of mosquitoes
We followed up on Iris's work with Drosophila, to show that REIMS has terrific potential in mosquito/malaria research. We analysed over 3000 samples, and built models that could predict species, sex and most importantly, the age of the mosquito - the number of oviparous cycles is related to the number of blood meals a female take, and blood meals mean malaria. This paper, published at the beginning of 2023, is [here].