I am a really rubbish amateur coder, and have variously, in order of ability/loathing (worst to best, they are highly correlated!), dabbled in: Perl, FORTRAN, BASIC, Javascript, Hypercard and Livecode.

I love

It is based on Hypercard and delivers an object oriented approach to programming and app development, such that it is relatively easy to create simple tools that are attractive, easy to use and surprisingly fast. The IDE is also an interpreter, so testing is quick. When ready, it is equally simple to tell Livecode to "make me standalones for Windows and Mac" and 10s later, they are ready to share.

Of the tools that others find useful, the
pH buffer calculator is written in Javascript, PepMapper and Isoformer are written in Livecode. I also wrote a Rot/Cot curve analyser in BASIC, and the buffer calculator has had previous incarnations in BASIC and in Hypercard.

I now see this activity as keeping my ageing brain exercised!
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