I'm not a card game expert, so I'm looking to the community to come up with some ideas here.

Who am I?
I’m sure this pub game has a name

It's a variant of Blind Man's Bluff, I guess.

With a group of players in a circle, stick or hold a liquorice or card name structure card to your forehead (I guess saliva is no longer the low risk adhesive!) and try to identify which amino acid you are by asking the person next to you a question. If they do not know the answer they could give a forfeit and the question moves to the next person.

  • “Am I basic?”
  • “Am I polar?”
  • “Do I contain side chain nitrogen?”
  • “Do I have an isomer?”
  • “Am I achiral?”

You get the idea!

If you're ready to guess, announce this - wrong - you get a forfeit, correct, you win that round.

You'll need to know your amino acids for this one.

The basic in any form of rummy is to build 'melds' which can be either sets (three or four of a kind of the same rank) or 'runs' (three or more sequential cards of the same suit) and either be first to go out or to amass more points than the opposition.

So, what types of melds could we make?

Basic amino acids: R,K,H (remember you have four chances at each amino acid)
Containing two nitrogen residues: K,N,Q,W
Aromatics: F,Y,W

Game 3
Game 4