Vitamin B6 and McArdle disease

Pheonix, J., Hopkins, P.G., Bartram, C., Beynon, R.J., Quinlivan, R.C.M. & Edwards, R.H.T. (1998) Effect of vitamin B6 supplementation in McArdle's disease: a strategic case study. Neuromuscular Disorders. 8, 210-212 [PUBMED] [PDF]

A patient-blind study into the effect of a 10-week cessation of long-term vitamin B6 supplementation on B6 status and performance in McArdle's disease is reported. Muscle performance was assessed both subjectively and objectively by an ischaemic fatiguing protocol of the adductor pollicis muscle. Nine weeks after withdrawal of supplementation, vitamin B6 status had changed from adequacy to inadequacy and the force loss during the ischaemic fatiguing protocol had increased at all frequencies studied. The patient reported decreased exercise tolerance after 7 weeks and by the tenth week was experiencing an increase in muscle cramps. Vitamin B6 status and muscle performance may be linked in McArdle's disease and there is potential for enhancement of performance by B6 supplementation.