Removal of journal titles

This is the place where I'll capture my scientific life of publications.
It'll come to a halt over the next year or two (yes, that's the expected lag period between
doing the work and getting the results out there).

My papers cover these domains:
You can focus the search by key term (category - the big grouping), tags (more finely grained), author or year, using the panel on the right.
The size of the tag reflects how often it appears.

This is how I look to Web of Science…

Screenshot 2023-01-26 at 20.35.20

You can also see the change in influence on the fields by the
decline in the number of times your work is cited. As expected.
Screenshot 2023-01-26 at 20.35.52

Here's another weakness of our system in academia. There is a tendency to applaud papers that appear in 'high impact journals'. There's no such thing!. There are journals that have become part of a self serving scam where they create scarcity (chances of getting in are low) in order to creat the illusion, and then charge a bloody fortune to get in - which you, the tax payer pays for.

So, please reject the notion that
WHERE something is published seems to be more important that WHAT research was actually conducted. The obsession with so-called ‘prestige titles’ is devaluing the great majority of carefully conducted studies that provide the foundation upon which all science is based.

I have therefore decided to remove journal titles from the outward description of my published work. You can read the title and the abstract, to decide whether this is a research paper you wish to read, rather than dismissing a paper as ‘not in the best journals’. You might say that this is not an issue, but tell that to those reading CV’s and conducting job interviews.