Darcin NMR structure lodged

Phelan MM, McLean L, Simpson DM, Hurst JL, Beynon RJ, Lian LY. (2010) (1)H, (15)N and (13)C resonance assignment of darcin, a mouse major urinary protein. Biomol NMR Assign. 2010 Aug 12[PUBMED]

Darcin is an important lipocalin of the urinary MUP family. These beta-barrel structures differ subtly in sequence and function and facilitate communication between members of the mouse population via scent marks. Polymorphism within the family has led to the hypothesis that individual MUPs can also contribute to social and physiological information of the scent owner and thus demonstrates the necessity for structural investigation of these variations. Using conventional triple resonance experiments, (1)H (15)N and (13)C assignment of recombinant N terminal hexa-histidine tagged Darcin has been achieved. The corresponding chemical shifts have been deposited in the BioMagResBank; Accession No. 16840.